Thank you Elle Magazine and The Astrotwins for mentioning us in this month's horoscope for Leos I know, right? + + + (awesome, Rose's Luxury, Washington DC, 2015 Wait, where am I again? My eyebrows are twitching in sympathy I'm dubious Capitol Building, Washington DC, 2014 It's almost impossible to believe these are real Collecting cloud images for a new series of panels ...I'll fix that tomorrow Inspired by a piece of public art this week Magothy River, Maryland, 2014 Part of the inspiration behind my safety pin pieces - this photogram I made some years back Can't Pin It On Me! Cuff in Blackened Copper Apparently I have a new studio assistant Tempted to just lie here and stare at this all day Detail of Can't Pin It On Me! Cuff in Golden Brass This seems like a totally reasonable way to spend the upcoming weekend. + + + (Alligator, Jean Lafitte National Historic Park And Preserve, Louisiana, 2014 Today brought to you by the number 4. + + + (Lower East Side, New York, 2015 Digital Mum Necklace in Antique Copper 4th Anniversary = Flowers & Fruit + + + (4th Anniversary Leis, New Orleans, LA, 2015 Intimidating chairs + + + (Bienville Ave, Mid City, New Orleans, LA, 2015 Detail of a Digital Mum Cuff Perhaps I'll go in a more ornate direction this week. Maximalist, if you will. + + + (Brooklyn Museum, New York, 2015 Living vicariously though a sunset + + + (Mississippi River, Algiers Point, New Orleans, LA, 2015 Et voila! The finished pendant. +++ (nickel silver, colored pencil, sterling silver, pendant 3 1/8" x 3/4") +++ final design completed in collaboration with the fabulous @mkamuda Preliminary designs and prototypes for a new custom piece Feeling minimalist this morning +++ (Skywriting over New Orleans, Louisiana, 2015 Houndstooth Cuff Collection I so totally need this sign for the door to my studio My latest wall obsession +++ (near Bayou St John, Mid City, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2015 We are coming for you, Mr. Pig.... (New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA, 2012 Oh be still my beating heart❤...Declaring this round of material exploration a rousing success. New pair of copper earrings made from a couple of the disks I've been experimenting on. Available on the website soon. (Etched Copper, Patina, Sterling Silver, overall length 2" from top of earwire This seems like such a cool, quiet place to curl up and take a nap. (Perhaps this impulse is an indication that I need another cup of coffee A little orange interlude+++(Orange Balloon, Brooklyn, NYC, 2015 Material experimentation - definitely my favorite part of the process. Using these copper disks to refine new etching techniques I think this week is going to be about paint. And chaos. Paint and chaos. Yup. (Suffolk St, Lower East Side, Manhattan, 2015 Happy Weekend. Happy Jazz Fest!!! (Lace Parasol, Acura Stage, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, 2012 ...After

("Columbia 2008" Shadowbox, Etched Copper, Patina, Tinted Gesso, 6”x6”x1 ¾” Framed, Price on Request Before... (Pelican off the coast of Cartagena, Columbia, 2008 This week it's all about pattern overlay (Bench vs Subway Grate, NYC Real cherry blossoms this time. (Prospect Park, Brooklyn My new favorite. Shhh, don't tell the others. (Etched brass, patina, spray paint, sterling silver. Price on request The New Museum, 5th floor The name says it all? Thx to @queen_of_kitsch66 for the little gift Still with the flower theme - I know, I know - but it is spring after all Sculptural metal ceiling of one of the musical houses in the Music Box Roving Village, City Park, New Orleans Little dino, big world. 
We're off exploring this weekend. Keep an eye out for us New project - custom piece incorporating metal and pieces of a broken depression glass cup. Amazing contrast with the copper, no? Now these, these are cherry blossoms for sure. Test etching the new patterns I drew out on some brass Today's textural inspiration comes with a bonus mystic hand Week. End Thought I was drawing cherry blossoms, but alas, these are peonies Stalking the elusive Photojojo Dinosaur through the grass at City Park Think I finally worked this pattern out of my system (Etched Lace Necklace/Antique Copper/Sterling Silver Chain This wall La luna (Carousel Gardens Ferris wheel, City Park, New Orleans Shhhh, @pittieluvr, don't move - I think she's staring directly at you ...tomorrow is Friday How a metal artist tags something